The programs listed below are all currently held at our home gym in Chatsworth, CA. Read each one in detail to see which option suits you best. 

Adaptive Classes/Private Sessions

Small Group classes are for those who have had some exposure through our private training program and feel that group classes are appropriate. This class is designed to work on fitness skills as well as to give the student the opportunity to socially interact with others. The idea is to build a sense of community by building connections through social interactions and promoting healthy living. Class sizes vary depending on abilities and support required per student. 

Our PRIVATE SESSIONS are for those who require additional attention for specific needs (I.e. mental health conditions and/or other physical/neurological conditions). In the private sessions you will be receiving specific coaching and programming tailored for you. Individuals have the option to choose from our 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. 

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Functional Integration Training (FIT) Class

 Our FIT class is intended for those who are dealing with current injuries, chronic pain, mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, addictions, and/or trauma. We limit class sizes to 6 members to be able to address specific needs through hands on coaching. This class allows for individuals to still gain the community and relationships they need in order to thrive in their fitness journey, while having individualized attention for their specific needs. 

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